Wireless connection with Nature

Ever questioned why
Famine and poverty exist among us?      
If I was to guess …
Humans like to comply.

What if,
instead of living in obedience,
we could become an army  
Of free thinkers?


Stop and reflect for a while
about the Earth, its woodlands,
deep oceans and the navy sky
that makes us smile …

What if
we join Nooc’s playground?
With a common goal in mind
Nurturing Woody’s land.



I work for Nooc, a company that acknowledges and is concerned about the shortage of natural resources, the constant climate change and poor waste management around the World, which directly affects every living being. That is one of the reasons I decided to join their team. I believe, not only in their responsible manufacturing but also in their core values: quality and craftsmanship.

About Nooc:

Our aim is to improve environmental quality and natural resource utilisation. Home for Woody is our solution.

“We are a family of wooden cases enthusiasts, with enough manufacturing capabilities and creative designs, offering unique solutions to support and improve the smartphones market  & more.” (Laur Galan, CEO)

More @ www.nooc.ro and Facebook –

You can even watch the video from Nooc Grand Launch here.






I’ve seen it in your eyes 
I’ve seen the pain, the lies.
I felt it in your arms
I felt mine and your scars.
Someone else had your heart 
And, then, torn it apart.
You’ve decided to play smart,
And fool around with an artificial heart. 
I’ve been hurt as well
And I’ve hurt in return,
But I want to get out of this shell 
I can fight and then, reborn.
I will give you all my love,
I can make you feel again
But, I can’t be your dove,
I can’t promise no pain.
We could take the given chance,
Look each other in the eyes and dance 
Or, we could say goodbye 
But, that will be just a lie.


She doesn’t fall in love easily, but when she does, it’s so intense that she cannot handle it. Sometimes it takes her a while to realize and, sometimes, she can feel it from the start. So, when it happens, she runs, she hides, she’s stronger and weaker in the same time. She glows on the outside and slowly ‘dies’ on the inside. Fear gets in the way of something that could change her life in better.

I guess it’s because she’s afraid of change, of not being in control and of losing herself. She hates to lose herself; especially to someone she has just met. She’s that kind of person who believes every single one of us has light and darkness inside ourselves. Usually she’s mostly attracted to the darkness, to the unspoken, to the misunderstood, to the forbidden. She can’t really avoid it because those are her main traits and that’s the only world she knows.

Au revoir

Do you ever feel like
Joy is what you don’t deserve,
That no one can take
Whatever pain you reserve.

Have you thought
No one can ever fix,
No one can have a shot,
If you won’t kiss.

‘Gorgeous’ isn’t what I wanna hear
Sex is not defining us,
Your warm whispers in my ear
It’s what makes me fuss.

I’ve relived the first white night
When you made me scream in fright
Your soft lips were pressing my skin
Right before you dived in.

Rocking my red nightwear,
I’m puffing on a cigar,
Starring at your scar,
I just need an ‘au revoir’.

Love war

Feeling so much rage
I am a ticking bomb
About to explode.
I need to be left in a cage
My life is like a sitcom
You can always reload.

You couldn’t help it
You had to see
How it is to be with me.
But soon you had to quit
Because you didn’t find the key
To make me knee.

I gave you passion and lust
You were my obsession
I was your ecstasy,
My skin, for you a must
Your laugh, for me addiction
Could we ever reach amnesty?

We can’t deny
We have both lied
But we are meant
To take on the next ride.
Hate is my reply
To your wrongful state of mind.

Babe, all this pain can’t go away
Not until we reach the stage
Where the tension between us can decay.
Believe me, I’ve tried hard enough
To teach my heart
Our love was just a laugh.

* No one can be perfect in a relationship. ‘I can fake a smile’ … this is the message I tried to convey above; the same message to be found in ‘Human’ Christina Perri.