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*Update 3

On my way back from Targu Mureș, I passed through Vama – a beautiful village in Bucovina.

Pensiunea Casa Georgiana

My parents have a rental vacation cabin in the mountains and, every time I feel like I want to escape from the busy life in the city, I go there to relax. Vama is situated between Gura Humorului and Campulung Moldovenesc, very close to the famous Bucovina monasteries, skiing resorts and restaurants offering traditional cuisine. 

Pensiunea Casa Georgiana

*Update 2

  • Trip 2: Suceava – Targu Mureș 
  • This is my second trip in Romania. Heading to Targu Mureș for a doctors appointment. Wish me good luck :* 

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  • Trip 1: Suceava – București
  • I am on a trip from Suceava to Bucharest right now and I want to share with you some pictures with my beautiful home country. 

If you ever decide to visit Romania, you can get in touch with me and I promise to give you the best trip tips. You will definetely have the time of your life xx

*Update 1

  • I’ve finally arrived in Bucharest. Yey!! I’m at the mall now playing darts with my friend. I’ve lost, he’s too good :))

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First stop: The city of Brașov

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I will come back with updates. Keep an eye on my blog. Kisses :*