Wireless connection with Nature

Ever questioned why
Famine and poverty exist among us?      
If I was to guess …
Humans like to comply.

What if,
instead of living in obedience,
we could become an army  
Of free thinkers?


Stop and reflect for a while
about the Earth, its woodlands,
deep oceans and the navy sky
that makes us smile …

What if
we join Nooc’s playground?
With a common goal in mind
Nurturing Woody’s land.



I work for Nooc, a company that acknowledges and is concerned about the shortage of natural resources, the constant climate change and poor waste management around the World, which directly affects every living being. That is one of the reasons I decided to join their team. I believe, not only in their responsible manufacturing but also in their core values: quality and craftsmanship.

About Nooc:

Our aim is to improve environmental quality and natural resource utilisation. Home for Woody is our solution.

“We are a family of wooden cases enthusiasts, with enough manufacturing capabilities and creative designs, offering unique solutions to support and improve the smartphones market  & more.” (Laur Galan, CEO)

More @ www.nooc.ro and Facebook –

You can even watch the video from Nooc Grand Launch here.





Nooc’s Story

Beautiful Sunday morning!

I have recently started working for a Romanian manufacturing company. My job is great as I am in charge of all marketing activities, such as content creation, product launches and social media monitoring.

The Grand Launch is in one week, on 15th of April. Although I can’t wait to host the event, I am a bit nervous. In the meantime I am working as crazy to get everything ready on time. Wish me luck :* xx

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Nooc’s Story



Marketing principles applied to flirting


  1. You see a hot chick at the bar, you go to her and say ‘I am a rich man. Marry me’. That’s Direct Marketing.
  1. You’re at a party and your friend does the job for you. He goes to the girl you secretly like and says ‘Have you met X? He’s very rich, and can fulfill all your wishes’. That’s Advertising.
  1. A random girl walks to you and says ‘You are rich. Can you marry me?’ That’s Brand Recognition
  1. You picking up a girl ‘I am very rich. Marry me’. She slaps you. That’s Customer Feedback.
  1. You tell the girl you’ve been chatting up for a while now ‘I’m very rich, marry me’. She introduces you to her husband. That’s Demand & Supply Gap.
  1. Just before you tell a girl ‘I am rich, marry me’, your wife arrives. That’s Restriction from Entering New Market.

Adapted from 9GAG