Wireless connection with Nature

Ever questioned why
Famine and poverty exist among us?      
If I was to guess …
Humans like to comply.

What if,
instead of living in obedience,
we could become an army  
Of free thinkers?


Stop and reflect for a while
about the Earth, its woodlands,
deep oceans and the navy sky
that makes us smile …

What if
we join Nooc’s playground?
With a common goal in mind
Nurturing Woody’s land.



I work for Nooc, a company that acknowledges and is concerned about the shortage of natural resources, the constant climate change and poor waste management around the World, which directly affects every living being. That is one of the reasons I decided to join their team. I believe, not only in their responsible manufacturing but also in their core values: quality and craftsmanship.

About Nooc:

Our aim is to improve environmental quality and natural resource utilisation. Home for Woody is our solution.

“We are a family of wooden cases enthusiasts, with enough manufacturing capabilities and creative designs, offering unique solutions to support and improve the smartphones market  & more.” (Laur Galan, CEO)

More @ www.nooc.ro and Facebook –

You can even watch the video from Nooc Grand Launch here.






Hello my dear readers,

I’m back. I haven’t posted anything for a long time because I’ve been so busy with work, personal projects and social life. One of my objectives for this year is to write a Marketing Blog; I have already written some things and I just need some help with the IT part – coding, domain, creating a nice website. If you know someone who can give me some advice on how to make it happen, drop me a message. Thankss :*

Here are some updates on what I have been doing lately:

  • Someone who likes to read my blog asked me the other day why do I write so much about flirting, relationships, love and family.

My answer is:

‘Because I care’. That’s the truth. Because whenever I find inspiration and love in someone or/and something, I just think about how can I use it to create something beautiful.  Practically, I have never sat down and thought about my next topics, about what else I could write about. The topics have chosen me :)) But his question made me think …

I guess it is because I like to write it down. Also, as a 20-something years old girl, flirting and love are part of my life and I like to share my worst and best experiences with other young people like me.

But, let’s dig further than that. I cannot say I am a relationships expert or anything like that, but what I’ve noticed is that our generation is sh*t at keeping a love relationship alive and, most of all, we are really bad at expressing our feelings. Just draw a comparison between us and our parents. They used to fall in love and form a family at a very young age; my mother got married at 22 and had three kids by 30. We, the 90’s generation, don’t like to make plans in advance without knowing all the issues that might arise along the way and we don’t like to rush things. We think about marriage only when we know for sure we are about to marry a wonderful person who understands and completes us. And the truth is: it’s not our fault and it’s not our parents’ fault. We grew up when technology was at its boom. I was born a few years after the communism ended. We have been taught to concentrate on our careers, to pursue higher education. Do you know how hard it is to have a family and raise a child while taking your final exams?

For some, all this might seem wrong or upsetting but, is it that bad to focus on career first and then family? What I know for sure is that I want to give my future kids everything they need, food, clothes and love. And it all comes down to money.

What I am actually concerned about is future generations. What about them? Will they ever get to know the complex notions of love and family?

I appreciate any kind of feedback and I love it when others share their knowledge with me. So, feel free to start a conversation with me about this topic.

  • Quotes of the day:

“I am not easy to be understood. I’ve spent years trying to understand myself and to love myself. So, I don’t have the patience to explain myself to anyone anymore. As someone once told me – some people get you from the first time they look at you and others can’t figure you out no matter how many conversations you have.  You either get me, or you don’t. I will know you are ‘the one’ when you’ve seen the ugly parts of me and you’re staying. Don’t think you know my next move…because you don’t.” (Ioana S.)

People always say, “Don’t let other people determine your happiness.” How can you be expected to do that when so much of your happiness comes from the people around you? What is your contentment if not for those connections and those shared moments? (Elite daily)

  • Scrisori de dragoste:

“Draga Radu,

Te-aș aprecia mult mai tare dacă ai avea curajul să îmi spui lucrurile acestea în față. Nu te teme. Nu mai sunt atat de fragilă pe cât credeai tu. Mă descurc, am să trec și peste asta cu bine. Nu e o mare tragedie. Toți băieții se mai uită după o fată, două, trei … mai întorc capul pe stradă după o blondă frumușică cu ochi albaștri; asta în timp ce acasă, poate îi așteaptă ‘femeia perfectă’. Am întâlnit multe specimene care fac parte din această categorie. Din păcate, ei nu se vor putea numi niciodată bărbați; nu cred că înțeleg prea bine această noțiune. Trist dar adevarat.

Îți doresc multă fericire alături de ‘păpuși’!

Cu dezamăgire,

Ioana S.



This is all for tonight! Going to listen to some nice music, take a warm bath and drink a glass of red wine. 

Good night! Kisses :* xxx

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You





My London experience

My first time in London was, as a matter a fact, my first time visiting a foreign country. I still remember the overwhelming emotions and the nice and helpful people I came into contact. It’s all coming back to me now. I recall it like it was yesterday. Here I was, a 19 years old frightened girl in a strange and scary big city. Days have past and, I slowly started loving London to the point that I could never leave it behind.

Starting university in London was a last-minute decision, influenced mainly by my parents, who didn’t see a future for me in my home country. Thank you mom and dad for convincing me, even though it must have been hard for you to see you oldest daughter making a life for herself among strangers. However, most of the times we’ve talked on Skype you could tell I was satisfied with the city that adopted me. I made friends for life in here, I’ve studied hard and graduated with a good grade, I have worked part-time because I knew it will be an incredible financial sacrifice for you to support me here. You see, I love London so much now that I will carry on with my studies right here, I’ll do something different but somehow connected to my degree. Most things in life are connected, you just need to see the bigger picture.

I’m writing this for those of you who are at a turning point in life, those who have to make a big decision that’s gonna impact your life from now on. I’m also hoping my little sisters will read this and start believing in themselves a bit more. I know how important and helpful it is to have someone you could ask about the student life in London. I am just returning a favor; I also had my ‘mentors’ who helped me embrace this new experience. Another reason behind sharing my experience with you is to demonstrate everything is possible if you believe in yourself, if you follow your dreams no matter what life might throw at you.

The beginning is always hard but, it’s all worth it in the end. I look at all my friends I made here and I can see them happy. We have not accomplished all our dreams yet, but I believe we are on the right track. I was alone when I started my university journey. On the way, strangers joined me and I joined them. Now, I have a feeling that these people who once were strangers, will become friends for life.

I have a brilliant life now and I am grateful for that every single day. I am pleased with my family because they never gave up on me, even in my most stubborn moments. I am happy with my old and new friends because we support each other no matter the situation. In good or bad times we would always be there for each other, in any way we can. I am lucky I had the opportunity to study in a big capital, one that broadened my horizons and taught me to look at things from many different perspectives before making the right decision. Obviously, my London experience included a few tough times. But, as I said before, my stubbornness and determination helped me overcome them. Always think about your family and the sacrifices they made for you to be where you are now and, everything is going to turn out just fine.

For you, I can only hope the best in everything you’ll try to achieve. Good luck and remember to stay strong because it’s not going to be an easy journey at all. Joan River, an American actress, comedian and writer, once said:

Part of my act is meant to shake you up. It looks like I’m being funny, but I’m reminding you of other things. Life is tough, darling. Life is hard. And we better laugh at everything; otherwise, we’re going down the tube.

* Listen to this song to remind you about the beauty of life.