Flat 15 (6)

When you first meet C. S., he can appear very shy and in a way a bit arrogant, but once you get to know him, you’ll see he’s very sociable and outgoing. I think he’s on the introvert extrovert borderline. I have to be completely honest and say I can’t remember the exact moment I’ve met him. The only thing I remember is him arriving to the flat and filling half of the kitchen with his luggage.

C. S. is a very curious person, he’ll ask the most unthinkable and unexpected questions; he wants to know everything about everyone. He is a smart guy, pays attention to details and loves to analyse everyone, and sometimes expressing it. Like all of us in the flat, he loves to share (sometimes, brag) about all the interesting things happening in his life. He’s a very proud person and, at times, he can be difficult. He loves teasing everyone but, when you try it on him, he doesn’t take it very well. And that’s when he can get really moody.

It took me a few days to notice he’s a stubborn guy and loves to have the last word. We would argue for ages, with proper facts and arguments, on the most simple, stupid topics. Sometimes, I would agree with him just for the sake of it. His stubbornness, however, makes him particularly determined and ambitious. I’m sure he’ll succeed in everything he puts his mind to it. Warning, C.S. is very competitive, so you’ll have to bring your A game if you want to be on his level.

He is funny, kind and very careful in choosing his words, so he doesn’t offend anyone. Sarcasm is his second language; C. S. is one of the very few people who can keep up with my sarcasm and dry humor, and not taking it personal.

Probably his favorite ‘activity’ is partying or, maybe, flirting or updating his social media accounts. Can’t really decide between those three. C. S., you will have to tell me. He’s always up for everything, from flat parties, clubbing, games to chilled nights in playing FIFA, cards or poker.

C., you are a fun person to be around and a very good friend.


Flat 15 (5)

What I remember about the day I’ve met Luk is that he was very sarcastic with me, of course, after being all nice. Also, I found it funny how Stef was making fun of his American nationality. Till this day, he gets really annoyed about that. He is a very reserved guy, except when he’s partying with us. At parties, we constantly find out some ‘dirt’ about him.

When you see him, you can tell he’s a smart guy, who hangs out with intellectual adults. I still feel bad every time he walks in the kitchen and overhears our stupid conversations. He would give us a dirty look and say ‘For once, I wish I wouldn’t hear all this. I don’t need to know that’.

Whenever he joins our flat parties, which happens once a month, he turns into a totally different guy, one with whom you can laugh at and with. Just like the rest of us, he’ll be up to everything and acting in the most stupid ways, ways which he sometimes condemns.

You see, he’s studying psychology, so we are always wondering how much he’s analyzing our behavior. Because of that, Luk seems a bit superior, always looking down on us :)). I think we are a bit reserved around him and careful with our words. He must consider us weirdos, but I’m sure he’ll be a good psychologist and, probably one day, I will end up knocking at his door sharing all my problems. He is also a good listener and, considering that I am quite talkative, we get along pretty well.

Luk, you are a very smart guy and I’m sure, one day, you’ll make something of your psychology degree.

Flat 15 (4)

It’s about time to introduce you to ‘the baby’ of Flat 15. First of all, Ry is the youngest of us; he’s turning 19 this year. I tried to teach him a few times how to iron but, I’ve always ended up doing it for him. He’s the most innocent out of all of us but, sometimes, he can really surprise you with his vast knowledge (it’s mostly about maths).

I was sitting in the kitchen with all my flatmates, waiting for Ry to get home. It was my first weekend in the flat and I’ve already met everyone, except him. And, wow, my first impression of him was, let’s say, of a spoiled brat. He got to the flat, left all his luggage in the middle of the kitchen, and then hugged the boys and they all start doing their special handshake that looks pretty much like this to me:  

I have to say I’ve never seen so much love in a campus flat. I’ve seen it in the first day and I can still see it now: they are a big, happy family. Anyway, after that he starts telling us about his Christmas holiday, bragging and sharing some funny stories, mostly about his birds. He has been talking for 10 minutes straight and, still, hasn’t acknowledge my presence in the room. At that point, I started to get annoyed. He was sitting on the window sill, sipping from a can of beer and saying ‘I’ve got better at drinking. Now I can down a few beers and not get wasted’. I turned to him and said: ‘Hey! By the way, I’m Ioana, your new flatmate.’ He said ‘Hi’ and carried on. Wow. This is a story I will never forget. Probably, Ry doesn’t even remember this.

After a while I got to know Ry a bit better and, realized he’s not that cocky, he just loves to talk a lot. When he’s not talking, he’s on the phone texting – pest. Anyway, enough with the jokes. Ry is a very caring person, he can tell if there’s something bothering you and tries to cheer you up. I’ve seen him doing it a few times with me and with others in the flat. He’s also a chicks magnet haha. When we go clubbing, we would all be at the bar ordering drinks and behind him there would be a long queue of girls 😀 Once I had to help him get out of an, let’s say, ‘awkward’ situation. Basically, he wanted to get with this girl but, first, he had to escape from a few others.

Today’s is 1st of June, happy International Children’s Day, Ry!

About Crew 7

I feel like I need to share something with you. Most of my stories come from my mates, Crew 7, how I like to call ourselves. They are my partners in crime; they help me, directly and indirectly, to write my stories.

At the end of the day we would gather in the kitchen, have some food and drinks and talk about each other’s days.

Example 1:
Jo: So I went to the date. He’s perfect and so charming..aw..we just clicked. And at the end of the night he, he, he said ‘hope to see you again soon’. Oh, he adores me.
Cez: Jo, you know that actually means ‘I hope I will never see you again’.

Everyone nods in agreement.

Example 2:
C.S.: Sometimes I’m so stupid. Just today I went to do my laundry, yeah? I loaded the washing machine and came back to the flat. Waited 30 min for the washing and went back down to move them in the drying machine. I opened the machine and guess what? My clothes were dried. I’ve just spend 2 quid on not doing my laundry.
Ry: Don’t worry boy, it happens to everyone.

No one actually agrees with that.

Flat 15 (3)

C.P. is ‘the joker’ of Flat 15. Why? For various reasons that I’m about to share with you. When we’ve first met, he was all smiles; he was exactly like a small kid who’s just got a brand new toy (a car or a doll, it doesn’t matter). 

I can actually say C.P. is the happiest and energetic guy I know. When you are in the same room with him you can only laugh, at or with him. He is not afraid to make fun of himself either. At every party he will put on and sing the song ‘I’m an albatraoz’ and put a smile on everyone’s face. By the way, I’ve got a video to prove it. That’s how charismatic he is.

He was the one who thought me how to play FIFA. And, I am pretty sure, once, he let me win on purpose, just to make me feel proud.

Also, because he is so outgoing he’s a magnet to most people. Everyone wants to be around him because they know they will have a good time. Oh, and he is a pretty good DJ at parties. Whenever we go to a club, he becomes the king of the dance floor and all girls try to get closer to him. But, what I’ve noticed is that he’s not looking to hook up with anyone at all. He’s the perfect boyfriend who will never cheat on his girl. Yeah, he has fun dancing and drinking with his mates, but he knows he has someone to go back home to. Cheers for that, C.P.! Guys like you are rare.

He’s not only funny but, also, a very kind person. He will do everything he can to make sure you’re ok. If there’s an argument going on in the flat, he will start making jokes and laugh at our stupidity.

C.P. you already know this, but you are a good person and a amazing friend.

Flat 15 (2)

Sy is the first person I’ve met when I moved in flat 15 in January. A few weeks later, he slowly became more than a uni flatmate, he became a very good friend. He knows this, but my first impression of him wasn’t really good. He was polite and helped me with my luggage but, he would spend days in his room playing video games (COD, Batman, etc.).

For me, that was a bit annoying because I started all over again in a new flat and I wanted to make friends. My plan? Join him in ‘The Gaming Room’. Seriously, I have learned how to kill zombies and how to fly. I had to quit soon since it was really addictive and I had a dissertation to write at the time.

One thing you need to know about Sy: he loves to share his knowledge about everything and everyone; in this situation he loved teaching me, and later my good friend, how to play video games. Another thing Sy shared with me is Eminem’s life. I would have never guessed I will become such a big Eminem fan.

I appreciate him because he is one of the people who encourages me to keep this blog alive and never give up on my dreams, as stupid as they may sound to other people. Even more, he always lets me know when I am being insensible towards others and especially towards the people I love. I thank him because that has helped me a lot in assessing my behavior and in making my close friends feel valued. No one is perfect, I know I am not perfect but he is definitely helping me to become a better person.

The funniest part about our friendship is the fact that we always have something to talk about and we often have small debates on different topics. Like everyone else in this crazy flat, we are arrogant, stubborn and opinionated. When we get along with each other is so much fun and joy. But when we don’t, sh*t is going down. Sometimes things can get ‘aggressive’, but they are honest mistakes; like the time when he elbowed me in the lip and I had to go to a festival and wear red lipstick to cover it.

Sy is really kind and a hopeless romantic. I can say he inspires me to write most things on my blog. Because of him, now I see men in a different light, discover their soft, feminine parts and I can take into account all perspective of a situation.

I am very lucky to have you as my friend, Sy.

* Next story is going to be about the one flatmate I consider to be the ‘joker’ of Flat 15.

Flat 15 (1)

The other day my flatmate asked me what was my first impression of him. You see, I moved in flat 15 in January and didn’t know anyone except Stef, who I met a few months earlier. Funny story. He overheard me talking in Romanian with a friend in the cafeteria, after seeing us losing a Romanian note on the floor. He comes straight to us and cracks up a joke I can’t even remember today. That day I found Stef to have an outgoing personality, he was really friendly. Maybe he was just trying to make friends on campus or he really liked us, I don’t know.

Moving in his flat was a completely different story. I started to know the real Stef, the loud Stef. To be honest, you are loud only when you Skype, which is every freaking day and night … However, Stef is one of the smartest people a know. He can talk for hours about many different topics, he can give useful advice when someone is being stupid and my favorite, he can read people. He admits he has read a few books and watched movies about gestures and body language but, still, he can immediately tell when someone is lying. His ‘gift’ helped me a lot to fit in my new home.

Another thing, Stef has this weird habit of entering the living room and finding an excuse to leave if he doesn’t like what we are up to. Let’s say, we are playing cards. He would walk in, ask us what we are doing and say ‘Alright, I’m going to clean my room’. Typical Stef. Also, Stef is a great chef. His specialty at any time of the day is PIZZA.

Happy Birthday, buddy!