Heat of passion

Baby, stop and think for a while
About the earth, the blue sky
That made us smile…
No reason for goodbye
No more wrong directions
Only good intentions.

Just sit down and talk to me awhile
What makes you fantasise?
Is our love just out of style?
Baby, you should realise
I could offer you compassion
Let’s lose ourselves in the heat of passion

                                                  By Ioana S.


Thank you, Jo for these amazing pictures. We really know how to have a good time. Love you loads xx

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Hello my dear readers,

I’m back. I haven’t posted anything for a long time because I’ve been so busy with work, personal projects and social life. One of my objectives for this year is to write a Marketing Blog; I have already written some things and I just need some help with the IT part – coding, domain, creating a nice website. If you know someone who can give me some advice on how to make it happen, drop me a message. Thankss :*

Here are some updates on what I have been doing lately:

  • Someone who likes to read my blog asked me the other day why do I write so much about flirting, relationships, love and family.

My answer is:

‘Because I care’. That’s the truth. Because whenever I find inspiration and love in someone or/and something, I just think about how can I use it to create something beautiful.  Practically, I have never sat down and thought about my next topics, about what else I could write about. The topics have chosen me :)) But his question made me think …

I guess it is because I like to write it down. Also, as a 20-something years old girl, flirting and love are part of my life and I like to share my worst and best experiences with other young people like me.

But, let’s dig further than that. I cannot say I am a relationships expert or anything like that, but what I’ve noticed is that our generation is sh*t at keeping a love relationship alive and, most of all, we are really bad at expressing our feelings. Just draw a comparison between us and our parents. They used to fall in love and form a family at a very young age; my mother got married at 22 and had three kids by 30. We, the 90’s generation, don’t like to make plans in advance without knowing all the issues that might arise along the way and we don’t like to rush things. We think about marriage only when we know for sure we are about to marry a wonderful person who understands and completes us. And the truth is: it’s not our fault and it’s not our parents’ fault. We grew up when technology was at its boom. I was born a few years after the communism ended. We have been taught to concentrate on our careers, to pursue higher education. Do you know how hard it is to have a family and raise a child while taking your final exams?

For some, all this might seem wrong or upsetting but, is it that bad to focus on career first and then family? What I know for sure is that I want to give my future kids everything they need, food, clothes and love. And it all comes down to money.

What I am actually concerned about is future generations. What about them? Will they ever get to know the complex notions of love and family?

I appreciate any kind of feedback and I love it when others share their knowledge with me. So, feel free to start a conversation with me about this topic.

  • Quotes of the day:

“I am not easy to be understood. I’ve spent years trying to understand myself and to love myself. So, I don’t have the patience to explain myself to anyone anymore. As someone once told me – some people get you from the first time they look at you and others can’t figure you out no matter how many conversations you have.  You either get me, or you don’t. I will know you are ‘the one’ when you’ve seen the ugly parts of me and you’re staying. Don’t think you know my next move…because you don’t.” (Ioana S.)

People always say, “Don’t let other people determine your happiness.” How can you be expected to do that when so much of your happiness comes from the people around you? What is your contentment if not for those connections and those shared moments? (Elite daily)

  • Scrisori de dragoste:

“Draga Radu,

Te-aș aprecia mult mai tare dacă ai avea curajul să îmi spui lucrurile acestea în față. Nu te teme. Nu mai sunt atat de fragilă pe cât credeai tu. Mă descurc, am să trec și peste asta cu bine. Nu e o mare tragedie. Toți băieții se mai uită după o fată, două, trei … mai întorc capul pe stradă după o blondă frumușică cu ochi albaștri; asta în timp ce acasă, poate îi așteaptă ‘femeia perfectă’. Am întâlnit multe specimene care fac parte din această categorie. Din păcate, ei nu se vor putea numi niciodată bărbați; nu cred că înțeleg prea bine această noțiune. Trist dar adevarat.

Îți doresc multă fericire alături de ‘păpuși’!

Cu dezamăgire,

Ioana S.



This is all for tonight! Going to listen to some nice music, take a warm bath and drink a glass of red wine. 

Good night! Kisses :* xxx

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You





Chose what You Love, then Love what You’ve chosen…

Today I’ve learnt a lot. Not everything is as it seems. People may break their promises, leave and never look back. What matters the most is who you trust and love. However, it comes a time when you need to let go, forgive and focus only on the positive aspects of your life. Be grateful for what you have now; thank God for what He has given you so far, be at peace with yourself and keep striving for a better future, a better tomorrow.

Today, I discovered:

  1. What calms me down: a good song Reamonn – Supergirl
  2. That a sincere compliment can give confidence, balance and a positive spin to the day. You are smart and beautiful. You are brave. You are beautiful. You are loyal. You are strong. You have faith. God loves you and He will never let you down.
  3. Never give up on your dreams. If you want to do something, just do it. If you want to travel the world, get on the next train. If you feel like you need a change of scenery, don’t think twice. Act on your instinct. If you want to switch careers, do it. Make it happen. The power is in YOU.
  4. When it comes to making big decisions, such as choosing your life partner, studies show that you are best off deciding from the gut. “When your intuition signals that you’ve found something or someone truly right for you, the choice often becomes strangely easy”. (5 Gut Instincts You shouldn’t Ignore, )

You know you love me.

XOXO   – I.S.

P.S.  –  :*<3

I’ll give you everything

Your love is all I need

Baby, why can’t you see

What’s been happening behind the scenes?!

Help me hold on

Hello my dear readers!

Today I want to share with you a beautiful voice and a wonderful song. Released in 1990, “Help me hold on” is a song written and sang by Travis Tritt.

Travis Tritt is an american actor, songwriter and country music singer. His music is beautiful and goes straight to your heart. As a result of his good work, he has received two Grammy Awards.

The song is a ballad which reveals a failing relationship. The narrator confesses his mistakes to his lover and begs her not to leave him. He asks her to pinpoint his faults and promises to listen to her this time. He admits being wrong for taking her love for granted. Taking your love for granted is so dangerous in a relationship. You fail to properly appreciate someone dear to you, mainly because you became so familiar with each other. Therefore, you stop trying, you stop showing how much you love him/her. This is such a shame.

Listen here to the song and below I’ve written down the lyrics.

Baby, close that suitcase you’ve been packin’
Just sit down and talk to me awhile
I know you tried to tell me what was lackin’
But I guess I must have missed it by a mile


Well, this time girl I swear to you I’ll listen
Help me understand where I went wrong
It’s hard to find myself in this position
Scared that I’ll go crazy once you’re gone


Help me hold on to what we had
Once our love was strong, it can be again
You said it takes two to make love last
You were right all along, so help me hold on


What have I got to do to make it better
What have I got to do to make you see
That even though I promised you forever
I never knew how hard that would be


I realize I took your love for granted
But I’ve learned that love worth having don’t come free
And I’ll pay any price it takes to keep you
Satisfied and staying here with me


Help me hold on to what we had
Once our love was strong, it can be again
You said it takes two to make love last
You were right all along, so help me hold on

A New Beginning

That moment when you have to start over … that moment when you know it’s time to turn the page. A New Beginning.

It hurts but, it is also very exciting. It makes me sad because everything I’ve ever known is long gone. It’s in the past, I cannot change it. I am left with memories, good and bad times. I won’t lie; it’s tough to start over again. It takes a lot of strength and courage.

I say it’s exciting to start over because I’ll learn and explore new things. Things I’ve been dying to try for years, such as volunteering for a good cause. I’m sure that starting over will bring more creativity and success in my life. And, why not, a new love.


My dear friend

This is Jo. A lovely soul. A good friend. She has read my poems and decided to turn them into 18-Second Love Songs. Thank you! They are just wonderful. You are a very beautiful and talented girl. Love you x


I’ve seen it in your eyes 
I’ve seen the pain, the lies.
I felt it in your arms
I felt mine and your scars.
Someone else had your heart 
And, then, torn it apart.
You’ve decided to play smart,
And fool around with an artificial heart. 
I’ve been hurt as well
And I’ve hurt in return,
But I want to get out of this shell 
I can fight and then, reborn.
I will give you all my love,
I can make you feel again
But, I can’t be your dove,
I can’t promise no pain.
We could take the given chance,
Look each other in the eyes and dance 
Or, we could say goodbye 
But, that will be just a lie.

By your side

“Oh, when you’re cold
I’ll be there
Hold you tight to me”

I am grateful. I have a purpose. I am happy again.

I guess everyone reaches a point in life when they feel lost. That moment when you feel alone; when you are scared that nobody can save you. But, in fact, you can and you will be rescued. Those people who are there when you’re down on your knees are the most beautiful people in the world. They show you compassion, kindness and love. Those are your true friends. I am thankful and consider myself lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. You know who you are … Thank you x

“And if you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
And in no time
You’ll be fine”

I would also like to thank a special person in my life. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Only because you’re not by my side anymore, doesn’t mean I will stop caring for you.