Let go 

And again

Imperfect Girl

Things can never work out
Between you and I
I’ve tried to close an eye
So many times, I can’t even count.
What you really need, boy
Is a good, quiet girl
Not the one who’s always gonna swirl
Not the rebel who’s looking for a toy.
I’ll be happy and relieved
As soon as I find out you’re fine
Once I know you don’t give a dime,
And without me you have survived.
I need you to let go,
I’m tired of running around
Hoping that one day I’ll be found.
I’m begging you, just let me go.
We deserve a loving life
We should go out there and find
Someone who’s not only kind
But will never stab us with a knife.

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Si desteapta si frumoasa

Mi-am dat seama ca nu prea am apreciat oamenii care m-au ajutat fara a astepta nimic in schimb. Acestia sunt oameni speciali. Am mai facut-o si eu la randul meu. Dar, atunci cand iubesti un barbat, parca gesturile celorlalti care te iubesc nici nu le mai observi …

Poate, voi putea invata sa iubesc cee ce inca nu iubesc…. Voi invata sa il iubesc, pentru ca merita…si o arata… 🙂

In general, barbatilor le e frica de o femeie care e si desteapta si frumoasa. Exista mai multe motive:

Unu, nu prea le merge vrajeala, minciunile, ascunsul dupa degete. Mai devreme sau mai tarziu totul iese la iveala.

Doi, sunt constienti ca in momentul in care dau gres, ele nu accepta, pleaca fara a se mai uita in spate.

Trei, le e frica de persoana posesiva si geloasa in care se transforma; iar gelozia dusa la extrem, atinge nebunia.

Aceste femei stiu ca sunt ceva mai rar, sunt dorite si apreciate. Iar cand isi dau seama ca relatia in care sunt nu duce spre nimic real, adevarat, nu vad un viitor alaturi de cineva, fug ‘mancand pamantul’  :)) Pentru ca nimeni nu isi doreste cu adevarat o relatie toxica.

Cu toate ca exista mai rar, am vazut si cazuri in care un barbat adevarat isi asuma toate aceste riscuri, si, drept vorbind, cand il vezi, emana atat de multa fericire de zici ca viata lui e o luna de miere pe repeat. El stie sa vada cu adevarat femeia de langa el si sa a o aprecieze. Mai mult, ii face o deosebita placere si simte ca poate cuceri lumea numai cand se plimba alaturi de ea.

Insa, o astfel de femeie trebuie cucerita, iti trebuie tact, rabdare si atentie … imagineaza-ti un general care pregateste planul de razboi, mutari, scheme.

P.S. O femeie adevarata stie ca averea si felul in care arata un barbat sunt trecatoare. Ea se va uita in primul rand la caracter si personalitate. Se gandeste mult si bine, isi imagineaza daca barbatul de langa ea e capabil de a iubi neconditionat si de a ramane alaturi de ea cand viata va fi grea. O femeie poate vedea prin tine si il va alege, chiar si dupa multe incercari, pe cel care ii poate oferi stabilitate, protectie si o familie. O femeie nu alege doar un barbat pentru ea, ci si un tata pentru copii.

Choose Nature – Romania’s afforestation

The easiest way to contribute to Romania’s afforestation

Every minute, huge areas of forests disappear worldwide. That’s about 48 football fields. In the best case scenario, in those deforested areas, other seedlings are being planted, which will form a new forest in 2-25 years. Unfortunately, the afforestation rate is far too small compared to irrational deforestation, and if we want our grandchildren to breathe fresh air, we need to mobilize and contribute in a sustainable way to the planting of new forests. How can you contribute to Romania’s afforestation? Nooc, the first Romanian manufacturer of genuine wood cases for smartphones, will start regular afforestation actions at the end of each batch of cases sold. The nooc.ro online platform was launched on April 15th, and the afforestation action will take place when the first stock is exhausted. In collaboration with the Forestry Authority Suceava, the plantation of seedlings will be held in the region of Pojorâta, Suceava.


What are Natural Wood Cases – For smart. Choose Nature

Now you have a natural and ultramodern alternative to personalize your phone and, and why not, to highlight your own personality. If you want a luxurious and unique accessory for your smartphone, Nooc is the best solution. The wood case is functionally similar to the PVC case, as it protects your phone from dirt and scratches. From an aesthetic point of view, however, the natural wood case gives your phone an original, unique, authentic and luxurious look. As there are no two people with identical fingerprints, there are no two Nooc wooden cases that look the same. Each case has a unique look, thanks to the natural mixture of shades of the wood. Time leaves a mark on wine, but so does it when you touch the wooden case. The more you use it, the more you enhance the shades of wood and you will polish its finish.
“The ideas of ​​making wooden cases for smartphones came easily when I saw that phone cases are losing their appeal in time and are becoming flashier. Preparing the design, the plans, testing and accessing the equipment used for the wood preparation is the big challenge. We use high quality wood, all from Romania. Our logo: proudly made in Romania! As I started working with wood and discovering its secrets, I realized that no plastic will ever be able to replace the authenticity and elegance of this noble material. But for that, we have to respect more the Nature and give back a small part of what it offers: the forest. ”                      

Laurenţiu Galan, CEO Nooc Romania.

For more details about the afforestation campaign and Nooc’s wood cases, check nooc.ro and facebook.com/noocromania.

Translated from Urban Women (http://urbanwoman.ro/accesorii-de-lux-pentru-smartphone-pe-nooc-ro/)




Wireless connection with Nature

Ever questioned why
Famine and poverty exist among us?      
If I was to guess …
Humans like to comply.

What if,
instead of living in obedience,
we could become an army  
Of free thinkers?


Stop and reflect for a while
about the Earth, its woodlands,
deep oceans and the navy sky
that makes us smile …

What if
we join Nooc’s playground?
With a common goal in mind
Nurturing Woody’s land.



I work for Nooc, a company that acknowledges and is concerned about the shortage of natural resources, the constant climate change and poor waste management around the World, which directly affects every living being. That is one of the reasons I decided to join their team. I believe, not only in their responsible manufacturing but also in their core values: quality and craftsmanship.

About Nooc:

Our aim is to improve environmental quality and natural resource utilisation. Home for Woody is our solution.

“We are a family of wooden cases enthusiasts, with enough manufacturing capabilities and creative designs, offering unique solutions to support and improve the smartphones market  & more.” (Laur Galan, CEO)

More @ www.nooc.ro and Facebook –

You can even watch the video from Nooc Grand Launch here.




Nooc’s Story

Beautiful Sunday morning!

I have recently started working for a Romanian manufacturing company. My job is great as I am in charge of all marketing activities, such as content creation, product launches and social media monitoring.

The Grand Launch is in one week, on 15th of April. Although I can’t wait to host the event, I am a bit nervous. In the meantime I am working as crazy to get everything ready on time. Wish me luck :* xx

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Nooc’s Story



Romania Trips

Good evening xx

*Update 3

On my way back from Targu Mureș, I passed through Vama – a beautiful village in Bucovina.

Pensiunea Casa Georgiana

My parents have a rental vacation cabin in the mountains and, every time I feel like I want to escape from the busy life in the city, I go there to relax. Vama is situated between Gura Humorului and Campulung Moldovenesc, very close to the famous Bucovina monasteries, skiing resorts and restaurants offering traditional cuisine. 

Pensiunea Casa Georgiana

*Update 2

  • Trip 2: Suceava – Targu Mureș 
  • This is my second trip in Romania. Heading to Targu Mureș for a doctors appointment. Wish me good luck :* 

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Facebook live video

  • Trip 1: Suceava – București
  • I am on a trip from Suceava to Bucharest right now and I want to share with you some pictures with my beautiful home country. 

If you ever decide to visit Romania, you can get in touch with me and I promise to give you the best trip tips. You will definetely have the time of your life xx

*Update 1

  • I’ve finally arrived in Bucharest. Yey!! I’m at the mall now playing darts with my friend. I’ve lost, he’s too good :))

You can check my Facebook page for a live video:


First stop: The city of Brașov

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I will come back with updates. Keep an eye on my blog. Kisses :* 

Visiting Bucharest


This is the video I made when I visited Bucharest 🙂

Me and my friend were on route to Afi mall, where we had a great time playing darts and pool. 

So happy I had the chance to visit some new places there; because the next day I had to start working on a new project…work, work, work…

#travelling #visitingBucharest 

Enjoy! Kisses xx