A New Beginning

That moment when you have to start over … that moment when you know it’s time to turn the page. A New Beginning.

It hurts but, it is also very exciting. It makes me sad because everything I’ve ever known is long gone. It’s in the past, I cannot change it. I am left with memories, good and bad times. I won’t lie; it’s tough to start over again. It takes a lot of strength and courage.

I say it’s exciting to start over because I’ll learn and explore new things. Things I’ve been dying to try for years, such as volunteering for a good cause. I’m sure that starting over will bring more creativity and success in my life. And, why not, a new love.



My dear friend

This is Jo. A lovely soul. A good friend. She has read my poems and decided to turn them into 18-Second Love Songs. Thank you! They are just wonderful. You are a very beautiful and talented girl. Love you x


I’ve seen it in your eyes 
I’ve seen the pain, the lies.
I felt it in your arms
I felt mine and your scars.
Someone else had your heart 
And, then, torn it apart.
You’ve decided to play smart,
And fool around with an artificial heart. 
I’ve been hurt as well
And I’ve hurt in return,
But I want to get out of this shell 
I can fight and then, reborn.
I will give you all my love,
I can make you feel again
But, I can’t be your dove,
I can’t promise no pain.
We could take the given chance,
Look each other in the eyes and dance 
Or, we could say goodbye 
But, that will be just a lie.