What I love

  • Nature. Green. Dogs running in the park.
  • The ocean. The sea. The waves.
  • Kids. They have no worries. They play and laugh all day long.
  • Pigeons. Birds. They are the symbol of freedom.
  • Kind people. We need more of them.
  • The smile of someone less fortunate when they receive food.
  • Visiting children in foster cares. It’s a shame I haven’t done that in a while.
  • The smile on my parents face when I tell them of my accomplishments.
  • Writing. Reading. Exploring. Understanding. Learning.
  • People who have something important and real to say. People from whom I can learn great things.
  • Friends who don’t leave during harsh times.
  • Play fighting with my sisters.
  • The sun burning on my skin.
  • The wind blowing on my face.
  • The freshness of a summer rain.
  • Long walks. Stopping to smell the flowers.
  • Dogs who won’t leave me alone until I play with them.
  • Poetry. Music. Alone time.
  • Dreaming. Making it happen. Succeeding. Celebrating.
  • Making someone happy.
  • Believing in something.
  • My mother. Her strength. Her smile. Her kindness.
  • Trying to make an effort for building a better world.
  • Being in love.
  • Myself. The person I am today.


Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite writer. I just love his unique writing style and the ability to see the world from different perspectives.

Paulo Coelho Quotes

He has written about and described love in a very beautiful way, still painful at times.

I have gathered some of his most remarkable love quotes and I want to share them with you.

* And this song …