Breaking Your ‘Upper Limit’: 12 Ways People Hold Themselves Back From Real Happiness

Once a week I will reblog posts from fellow bloggers that are interesting and worth learning from.

This week: Thought Catalog
It is a long article but really enjoyable to read.

Topic: The common rush for happiness, how we manage to sabotage happiness when we reach it and how to change our ways.

“It’s the fact that we can lose what we have that makes it sacred and precious and wonderful. It’s not about what pain you suffer, it’s about what you suffer for. You can choose to cut yourself off from feeling good so as to buffer the sense of loss and suffer from numbness, or you can have an incredible life and have to mourn wildly when it’s over, but at least there was a means to that end.”

Thought Catalog


Most people don’t want to be happy, which is why they aren’t.

People are programmed to achieve their foremost desire at almost any cost (imagine the adrenaline-fueled superhuman powers people develop in life-or-death emergencies.) It’s just a matter of what that foremost desire is.

People don’t want to be happy because they think it means giving up on achieving more. More people don’t want to believe it’s a choice because that puts responsibility in their hands. It’s the same reason people self-pity: to delay action, to make an outcry to the universe, as though the more they state how bad things are, the more likely it is that someone else will change them.

Happiness is not a rush of positive emotion elicited by random events that affirm the way you think something should go. Not sustainable happiness, anyway. The real stuff is the product of an intentional, mindful, daily…

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