How my dad influences my love life


My dad is the one who raised me, who cared for me and who provided for me and my family. I was the first born child so, for sure it wasn’t easy. Being a parent in your mid 20’s cannot be easy. Obviously, he has very strong influence in all aspects my life. If he says a guy is not good for me and I deserve better, I’ll take his word for it. Simply because he’s the one who knows me best. He’ll know if it’s worth fighting for someone I love or if I should keep looking for what I actually need.

I deserve I guy who gets me just like my dad does. My dad can tell from a single look whenever something is bothering me. I need a guy who can do just that, someone to whom I can open up to without being scared he’ll judge me or hate me.

*there is more, keep reading….


My father is the best example of someone who appreciates what he has. He’s proud of his wife and his daughters. He would never accept me dating a guy who’s not treating me with the respect I deserve.

He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams (even the stupid ones) and believed in me. He was the one teaching me how to walk and he was the one helping me to fly the nest, really far away. I want that kind of support from the other guy in my life


My father is not afraid to show his emotions. He’ll be touched by a sad love story and share with me his love mistakes. I want a guy who’s able to do that, to connect with his feminine side. I want someone who’s not afraid to be himself with me, someone who’s not hiding his feelings or bad habits.

My father taught me to let go and forgive everyone. He’s a man that went through a lot of crap to know that holding on to hate and rage for too long can only do you harm. I need a man like that, because that’s the only way I could be truly at peace with myself.

I love you dad and thank you for teaching me all this precious life lessons. And, don’t worry, I’ll never settle for less than I deserve. I promise, sooner or later you’ll meet your daughter’s true man.

P.S. I miss having you by my side, daddy x

This song reminds me of you every time I listen to it. And it makes me laugh so much.


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