The Three Musketeers


I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now, but haven’t found my words until now. This post is about two of my best friends, my girls, my babes. I’ll start by saying I am really happy to have you in my life and I can only wish us the best for the years to come. Here’s to the crazy musketeers friends.

I’ve met Cez and Jo in our fresher’s year. Jo was in my Marketing class and Cez I’ve met through some mutual friends. We used to hang out and party together a few times in the first year and, as the time passed, we got to know each other better and better. Now we would rather spend our free time cooking, watching movies and talking about boys and relationships for hours. This year, not only I’ve graduated from university but, I also feel like I have a degree in friendship.

We’ve been together through good and bad times; birthday parties, bad brake-ups, financial problems, you name it. It has been easy for us to stick together because we are so much alike. We patiently listened to each other’s issues for hours, we’ve cried on each other’s shoulders (yes, big girls do cry) and we’ve taken over the club’s dance floor way too many times to remember. The most important thing is that we’re completely honest to each other and if advice doesn’t work, we turn to other creative methods such as interventions and really bad nagging schemes.

During my stressful dissertation period they literally moved in with me. Not quite sure if they added more stress in my life or not during that period :)). They were doing all the shopping and cooking, which helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for them, I would have probably ended up in hospital. However, every time inspiration struck me, they would start behaving like kids, e.g. starting a (really bad raping) karaoke session, knife arm wrestling or talking about the never-ending relationship problems. Nevertheless, they were the one who helped me a lot on the hand-in day when my laptop broke and I was crying my eyes out.

To some people we might appear as weirdos whenever we have a really good time but, we don’t mind. When we are together, it’s only about us and no one else. Sometimes, we act and talk like boys and other times we can be classy ladies; it all depends on the circumstances. We are not afraid of making fun of each other and speak our minds, even in front of other people. We remember each other’s most embarrassing moments and we’re quite afraid someone will spill the beans when least expected. Also, we get along so well because we speak the same language: sarcasm. However, if someone would dare to mess with either one of us, we would immediately go ‘One for all, and all for one’. All those times we took care of each other on our nights out, oh …

This year, together with my other friends, they’ve managed to throw the most amazing birthday party for me. It was the happiest weekend of 2015; thank you! With you, I always feel like I have a second family here in London. I cannot wait for next university year when we’ll be living together. It’s going to be amazing to have you so close. However, because we are so much alike, there will be a few arguments between us, which I am sure we’ll get over. For example, when we are together getting ready for a night out, we are really lazy. I am taking my time until I realise we’re going to be late, start panicking and rushing everyone. But, it’s not our fault, it’s just we have a lot of catch up to do and time flies so quickly. I do feel sorry for the boys, who are constantly knocking at our doors to hurry up 😦

Jo, Cez, you are beautiful inside out, amazing and funny girls to be around. And, most importantly, you’ve proven me again and again how lucky I am to have two caring and loving girl friends like you. Love x


4 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers

  1. Is anyone in the posse french? Cause the word on the streets is that The Three Musketeers were…you know from France. They did not have cones for heads or anything like that. They were just from France and I noticed after reading your blog post that it could be quite possible from the picture incorporated with thus post that none of the posse members in the picture seemed to be french.

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    1. Hey there! No, none of us is French. However, the friendship notion is very well portrayed among The Three Musketeers; they care for each other and always have their backs. This is why one of my friends referred to us as The Three Musketeers.


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