Common dating steps amongst Generation Y


  • She pushes you away. Days, weeks have gone and she finally sends you a ‘Hi!’; sometimes she apologises for being so distant lately but, she had some things to take care of.
  • He replies but, only after a few hours and acting all chill. No drama …hmm.. so far.
  • Everything goes well for a while and your conversations are purely platonic, filled with some flirty jokes now and then.
  • One of you says something wrong, completely bullshit or inappropriate in that case. Don’t get me wrong, there are 50 50 chances it was just something innocent. That’s the moment when the other person flips :)) I think this is the funniest part. The tension, the dramaa.

Somehow these two stupid kids end up chatting again. And from this point on, history is going to repeat.

Good luck on your next roller coaster ride! I am still trying to figure it out how many times I’ve heard this kind of stories from my friends.

* To complement this post, watch this video. I promise, it’s hilarious.


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