Lost and found 

Sometimes I wish I was one train away from home. I wish the world was small and I would be better off knowing I will go home to my loving family whenever I feel the need to escape from it all. 

You, the ones who don’t have to deal with your loneliness and melancholic demons, you are the lucky ones. Back home it used to be like this: parents would be constrained by my country’s situation to go to work abroad and leave their kids behind in order to offer them a better life. My parents have never done that, they have struggled and raised 3 educated beautiful girls. And for that, I will be forever grateful. For me they are the best example of what it takes to be a good parent. I do hope I will be the best one for their grand-kids. 

Nowadays, your grown up little birds will fly the nest but not to settle down the street with a local girl and a bunch of kids. They would go out there, chase their dreams, wrestling to be the best, falling down and getting back up and it will rip your heart whenever you’ll encourage them to fly. 
Maybe you can’t relate to this or, maybe, you can. Maybe you’ll believe my mindset is wrong, maybe you won’t. I do not care what you think, because I have friends who are just like me; homesick is not something to be ashamed of. What I know for sure is, one day it will be me in my parents shoes and I will try my best to make my kids happy. 
What’s more, soon enough I will be eating dinner in my living room surrounded by my parents, sisters and my lovely dogs. Oh, and apparently we’ve adopted a black kitty and a medium size turtle x


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