Flat 15 (6)

When you first meet C. S., he can appear very shy and in a way a bit arrogant, but once you get to know him, you’ll see he’s very sociable and outgoing. I think he’s on the introvert extrovert borderline. I have to be completely honest and say I can’t remember the exact moment I’ve met him. The only thing I remember is him arriving to the flat and filling half of the kitchen with his luggage.

C. S. is a very curious person, he’ll ask the most unthinkable and unexpected questions; he wants to know everything about everyone. He is a smart guy, pays attention to details and loves to analyse everyone, and sometimes expressing it. Like all of us in the flat, he loves to share (sometimes, brag) about all the interesting things happening in his life. He’s a very proud person and, at times, he can be difficult. He loves teasing everyone but, when you try it on him, he doesn’t take it very well. And that’s when he can get really moody.

It took me a few days to notice he’s a stubborn guy and loves to have the last word. We would argue for ages, with proper facts and arguments, on the most simple, stupid topics. Sometimes, I would agree with him just for the sake of it. His stubbornness, however, makes him particularly determined and ambitious. I’m sure he’ll succeed in everything he puts his mind to it. Warning, C.S. is very competitive, so you’ll have to bring your A game if you want to be on his level.

He is funny, kind and very careful in choosing his words, so he doesn’t offend anyone. Sarcasm is his second language; C. S. is one of the very few people who can keep up with my sarcasm and dry humor, and not taking it personal.

Probably his favorite ‘activity’ is partying or, maybe, flirting or updating his social media accounts. Can’t really decide between those three. C. S., you will have to tell me. He’s always up for everything, from flat parties, clubbing, games to chilled nights in playing FIFA, cards or poker.

C., you are a fun person to be around and a very good friend.


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