Summer 2011

marriaaaThe past few months have been full of events and very, very busy; graduating from university has never been easy. I definitely need a holiday. But until I manage to have a break, I’m going through all my pictures from high school summer camps.

I was talking with my best friend from back home on Skype the other day and, we started to recall events from summer 2011. That summer, we both went on a summer camp with our high school. Location: Romania’s Black Sea Coast. The best thing about it is that we were both the oldest girls on camp, we just turned 18 that year, so we basically did whatever we wanted under our teacher’s supervision.

A few things made that summer with her memorable. The funniest moment is this one:

Returning to our rooms after a whole night of clubbing we come across these police motorcycles parked a few steps away from the hotel. They looked so new and shinny, I swear they were calling us for a ‘photo shoot’. Straight away we hopped on the motorcycles and started posing :D. A few seconds later, one of the motorbikes fell over, maybe because four of us were riding it. First, we panicked and then ran as fast as we could to the hotel.

We were sitting on a bench, catching up our breaths, when we saw two policemen walking in our direction. We all agreed to play it cool and quickly came up with a story. Obviously, they asked us if we saw some kids running around and told us about their motorcycles. On our side, everything was going according to the plan, no one cracked under the pressure. The night turned out to be a good one, we had fun and we were off the hook. Something else happened. Seeing that we are not admitting to anything, the young policemen asked for our telephone numbers and started planning to go out next day.

We kind of gave them the wrong numbers because we were really not that into them, we were more into their motorbikes.


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