Flat 15 (5)

What I remember about the day I’ve met Luk is that he was very sarcastic with me, of course, after being all nice. Also, I found it funny how Stef was making fun of his American nationality. Till this day, he gets really annoyed about that. He is a very reserved guy, except when he’s partying with us. At parties, we constantly find out some ‘dirt’ about him.

When you see him, you can tell he’s a smart guy, who hangs out with intellectual adults. I still feel bad every time he walks in the kitchen and overhears our stupid conversations. He would give us a dirty look and say ‘For once, I wish I wouldn’t hear all this. I don’t need to know that’.

Whenever he joins our flat parties, which happens once a month, he turns into a totally different guy, one with whom you can laugh at and with. Just like the rest of us, he’ll be up to everything and acting in the most stupid ways, ways which he sometimes condemns.

You see, he’s studying psychology, so we are always wondering how much he’s analyzing our behavior. Because of that, Luk seems a bit superior, always looking down on us :)). I think we are a bit reserved around him and careful with our words. He must consider us weirdos, but I’m sure he’ll be a good psychologist and, probably one day, I will end up knocking at his door sharing all my problems. He is also a good listener and, considering that I am quite talkative, we get along pretty well.

Luk, you are a very smart guy and I’m sure, one day, you’ll make something of your psychology degree.


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