The Passage of Time 

Remember the times when

  • your mom and dad were giving you enough money to cover your weekly sweets expenses?
  • your sisters/brothers were begging you to do their homework?
  • you had to share your bed with your youngest sister because she was afraid to sleep alone?
  • you were going on family holidays and had (almost) everything you could wish for?
  • you were playing ‘hide and seek’ with the whole neighbourhood?
  • you were made to finish all the food on the plate? And throwing it away when no one was watching? (I still hate spinach; the worst of it all, my mom was growing it in our back garden; the horror, the taste …)
  • you were spending the summers having fun, doing what made you happy?
  • you were running all day long with your childhood dog and, at the end of the day, tired, you would sleep next to each other?

If only we could stay young forever. At this age, responsibilities have taken over, leaving us only with the memories. From time to time I like to go back in time and relive those special moments.

Never let go of the child inside you. The kid in you will always make you smile. And, there’s nothing wrong to act like a stupid spoiled kid whenever you feel like.

* You’re more that welcomed to share your precious childhood stories/moments in the comments x


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