Smart girls

Coming across this quote the other day, made me think of the many, many times I’ve been told that I am an over-thinker and that my insecurities will stand in the way of love and happiness. I say that is full of crap.

Cardiff Bay, my happy place.
Cardiff Bay, my happy place.

All my good friends are very good at analyzing everything, they are all over-thinkers. And, in my opinion that’s what helped them succeed. Being able to pay attention to details and spot the unseen should be considered a gift. Even though, sometimes, over-thinking can backfire on you, that’s what you need for a fulfilling career and personal life.

Sometimes, I am insecure. My girl friends have insecurities. Hell, everyone has their own insecurities. Some choose not to show them. Some decide is time to work on those insecurities. In my view, being insecure helps you to get to know yourself a bit better and helps you decide what you like and what you don’t.

What I really hate is seeing smart girls pretending to be dumb. There are many reasons why girls do that: to get a good job, to get promoted, to be liked by someone, to keep their love relationship going, etc. But, you know, pretending to be someone you’re not has only short-term benefits.

You need to appreciate and love yourself more, just the way you are. You’re the best thing that happened to your parents and, one day, you’ll be the best thing in someone else’s life ❤


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