Me and my sisters 

Today’s story is about the time I was a kid and living at home. My parents had to deal with “the horror” of raising 3 girls under the same roof.

  • House chores

– Go and hoover the living room now!

– No, I told you I have homework. I’m gonna call mom ‘momy, X makes me do that and I have to do extra work for maths bla bla bla…here, tell her to leave me alone!’

  • Pocket money

– I will pay you $$$ to do the dishes while I go out with my friends. But don’t tell mom you did it for me (X to Y or the other way around).

  • Sharing

We were really bad at sharing our things, be it clothes, make-up and especially shoes. Obviously, we would borrow each other’s things but, if we were taking something without permission or brand new stuff, our house would become a living hell.

  • Fighting

Yelling, play fighting and then crying were usual things; we kind of developed a habit. Almost all the times, our sisterly fights will end up with some kind of damage. For example: smashed door windows, our faces covered in white paint or swallowed/broken fingers.


I am responsible for one broken window 🙂 I was trying to hit my sister with a plastic bottle filled with water. Unfortunately, she kneed and the bottle hit the window instead.



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