Flat 15 (4)

It’s about time to introduce you to ‘the baby’ of Flat 15. First of all, Ry is the youngest of us; he’s turning 19 this year. I tried to teach him a few times how to iron but, I’ve always ended up doing it for him. He’s the most innocent out of all of us but, sometimes, he can really surprise you with his vast knowledge (it’s mostly about maths).

I was sitting in the kitchen with all my flatmates, waiting for Ry to get home. It was my first weekend in the flat and I’ve already met everyone, except him. And, wow, my first impression of him was, let’s say, of a spoiled brat. He got to the flat, left all his luggage in the middle of the kitchen, and then hugged the boys and they all start doing their special handshake that looks pretty much like this to me:  

I have to say I’ve never seen so much love in a campus flat. I’ve seen it in the first day and I can still see it now: they are a big, happy family. Anyway, after that he starts telling us about his Christmas holiday, bragging and sharing some funny stories, mostly about his birds. He has been talking for 10 minutes straight and, still, hasn’t acknowledge my presence in the room. At that point, I started to get annoyed. He was sitting on the window sill, sipping from a can of beer and saying ‘I’ve got better at drinking. Now I can down a few beers and not get wasted’. I turned to him and said: ‘Hey! By the way, I’m Ioana, your new flatmate.’ He said ‘Hi’ and carried on. Wow. This is a story I will never forget. Probably, Ry doesn’t even remember this.

After a while I got to know Ry a bit better and, realized he’s not that cocky, he just loves to talk a lot. When he’s not talking, he’s on the phone texting – pest. Anyway, enough with the jokes. Ry is a very caring person, he can tell if there’s something bothering you and tries to cheer you up. I’ve seen him doing it a few times with me and with others in the flat. He’s also a chicks magnet haha. When we go clubbing, we would all be at the bar ordering drinks and behind him there would be a long queue of girls 😀 Once I had to help him get out of an, let’s say, ‘awkward’ situation. Basically, he wanted to get with this girl but, first, he had to escape from a few others.

Today’s is 1st of June, happy International Children’s Day, Ry!


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