About Crew 7

I feel like I need to share something with you. Most of my stories come from my mates, Crew 7, how I like to call ourselves. They are my partners in crime; they help me, directly and indirectly, to write my stories.

At the end of the day we would gather in the kitchen, have some food and drinks and talk about each other’s days.

Example 1:
Jo: So I went to the date. He’s perfect and so charming..aw..we just clicked. And at the end of the night he, he, he said ‘hope to see you again soon’. Oh, he adores me.
Cez: Jo, you know that actually means ‘I hope I will never see you again’.

Everyone nods in agreement.

Example 2:
C.S.: Sometimes I’m so stupid. Just today I went to do my laundry, yeah? I loaded the washing machine and came back to the flat. Waited 30 min for the washing and went back down to move them in the drying machine. I opened the machine and guess what? My clothes were dried. I’ve just spend 2 quid on not doing my laundry.
Ry: Don’t worry boy, it happens to everyone.

No one actually agrees with that.


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