Generation Y 

I am so sick of hearing my generation, Generation Y, is this and that. So, I decided to speak up my mind. 

We grew up learning to categorise, generalise and, most of all, judge. We judge how someone dresses, we look down on those who behave different from us and we hate it when someone doesn’t share the same views as ours. From time to time I behave in those exact ways, I fall in the trap. To be honest, I think everyone does it. Hell, it’s in our nature.

But, what makes the difference is admitting when you’re wrong and do your best to readdress your behaviour. I was really bad at not doing that as a kid and a teenager. I feel so bad for my parents right now. I guess it’s time for a small big change which will turn me in the person I want to be, a better me. The truth is, if more people will be able to do the same, our generation could actually make a difference in this world.

I want to give an example of what our generation thinks about relationships. This is not a generalisation, so … If we’ve loved someone but, didn’t work out in the end for various reasons, we tend to take out only the bad parts of that said relationship. We generalise saying women/men can’t be trusted, they lie, cheat and take advantage of you. We tell ourselves we will never fall in love again, no one can be trusted, never again will we let our guards down. But, if we were less blind, we would see that he/she made us a better person. The one(s) we once loved so much taught us things we would have never known if it wasn’t for them. Next to this person(s) you found love and kindness, you experienced another world. 

Are you sure you want to miss out on all the feelings and moments you could have with somebody new just because you had one or a few bad love experiences. Lately, I started living by this saying: ‘If something didn’t work out for you, it’s for a reason. That doesn’t mean you should stop living’.


One thought on “Generation Y 

  1. “We grew up learning to categorise, generalise and, most of all, judge.”
    -> Nope, that’s just you, the spoiled brat.
    ” I feel so bad for my parents right now.2
    -> Spot on.


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