Flat 15 (3)

C.P. is ‘the joker’ of Flat 15. Why? For various reasons that I’m about to share with you. When we’ve first met, he was all smiles; he was exactly like a small kid who’s just got a brand new toy (a car or a doll, it doesn’t matter). 

I can actually say C.P. is the happiest and energetic guy I know. When you are in the same room with him you can only laugh, at or with him. He is not afraid to make fun of himself either. At every party he will put on and sing the song ‘I’m an albatraoz’ and put a smile on everyone’s face. By the way, I’ve got a video to prove it. That’s how charismatic he is.

He was the one who thought me how to play FIFA. And, I am pretty sure, once, he let me win on purpose, just to make me feel proud.

Also, because he is so outgoing he’s a magnet to most people. Everyone wants to be around him because they know they will have a good time. Oh, and he is a pretty good DJ at parties. Whenever we go to a club, he becomes the king of the dance floor and all girls try to get closer to him. But, what I’ve noticed is that he’s not looking to hook up with anyone at all. He’s the perfect boyfriend who will never cheat on his girl. Yeah, he has fun dancing and drinking with his mates, but he knows he has someone to go back home to. Cheers for that, C.P.! Guys like you are rare.

He’s not only funny but, also, a very kind person. He will do everything he can to make sure you’re ok. If there’s an argument going on in the flat, he will start making jokes and laugh at our stupidity.

C.P. you already know this, but you are a good person and a amazing friend.


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