She doesn’t fall in love easily, but when she does, it’s so intense that she cannot handle it. Sometimes it takes her a while to realize and, sometimes, she can feel it from the start. So, when it happens, she runs, she hides, she’s stronger and weaker in the same time. She glows on the outside and slowly ‘dies’ on the inside. Fear gets in the way of something that could change her life in better.

I guess it’s because she’s afraid of change, of not being in control and of losing herself. She hates to lose herself; especially to someone she has just met. She’s that kind of person who believes every single one of us has light and darkness inside ourselves. Usually she’s mostly attracted to the darkness, to the unspoken, to the misunderstood, to the forbidden. She can’t really avoid it because those are her main traits and that’s the only world she knows.


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