The art of texting

11025820_385368581669201_1860416780711598415_nThe most annoying things you definitely experienced when texting:

  • The 3 days rule
    This is just full of crap. I mean if you liked her why wait? Why? So she can forget about you and accept a dinner invitation from another guy?
    A true gentlemen will always text the same day saying whether he wants to see you again or not, and in a polite manner.
  • Waiting a few minutes, hours before replying
    This one is just bad manners. If you are doing it on purpose, I just pity you. If you are actually busy, a small text saying ‘can’t talk right now. Call you as soon as I can’ will be much appreciated. Sometimes, I just ask ‘is this boring you?’ and immediately get a reply. Most of the times the reply is ‘I’m busy right now’.
  • Seen at blah blah (iMessage, WhatsApp)
    Needs no introduction.

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