Flat 15 (1)

The other day my flatmate asked me what was my first impression of him. You see, I moved in flat 15 in January and didn’t know anyone except Stef, who I met a few months earlier. Funny story. He overheard me talking in Romanian with a friend in the cafeteria, after seeing us losing a Romanian note on the floor. He comes straight to us and cracks up a joke I can’t even remember today. That day I found Stef to have an outgoing personality, he was really friendly. Maybe he was just trying to make friends on campus or he really liked us, I don’t know.

Moving in his flat was a completely different story. I started to know the real Stef, the loud Stef. To be honest, you are loud only when you Skype, which is every freaking day and night … However, Stef is one of the smartest people a know. He can talk for hours about many different topics, he can give useful advice when someone is being stupid and my favorite, he can read people. He admits he has read a few books and watched movies about gestures and body language but, still, he can immediately tell when someone is lying. His ‘gift’ helped me a lot to fit in my new home.

Another thing, Stef has this weird habit of entering the living room and finding an excuse to leave if he doesn’t like what we are up to. Let’s say, we are playing cards. He would walk in, ask us what we are doing and say ‘Alright, I’m going to clean my room’. Typical Stef. Also, Stef is a great chef. His specialty at any time of the day is PIZZA.

Happy Birthday, buddy!


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