Dating 5


I decided to give Tinder another chance and accepted this guy’s invitation for a cup of coffee. I couldn’t be bothered to go central London, so I told him we could meet up in my area. Everyone who has lived in London long enough is familiar with the public transport being a total mess.

Anyway, I wanted to see his reaction to my spontaneous character. Subconsciously, I was probably trying to find out if it’s worth the time. We were drinking hot chocolate and I took out my red flask from my tiny bag. After I poured myself a small amount of my special liquor (rum) I ask him if he wants any for his hot chocolate.

– So, do you want some?
– You’re drinking?! He asked looking confused.
– What do you mean if I am drinking? Like right now? Or what do you mean? Of course I am, I am a student. Why? You don’t drink?
“Stupid laugh” was his reply.

To be honest it was just water in the flask. His reaction was precious though.


3 thoughts on “Dating 5

  1. I enjoyed reading your post – refreshing yet added a different flair of dating. I tried it several years ago when I divorced. Met some really nice guys but nothing serious sparked. Keep trying and the right one will come along when you least expect it.

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