Love war

Feeling so much rage
I am a ticking bomb
About to explode.
I need to be left in a cage
My life is like a sitcom
You can always reload.

You couldn’t help it
You had to see
How it is to be with me.
But soon you had to quit
Because you didn’t find the key
To make me knee.

I gave you passion and lust
You were my obsession
I was your ecstasy,
My skin, for you a must
Your laugh, for me addiction
Could we ever reach amnesty?

We can’t deny
We have both lied
But we are meant
To take on the next ride.
Hate is my reply
To your wrongful state of mind.

Babe, all this pain can’t go away
Not until we reach the stage
Where the tension between us can decay.
Believe me, I’ve tried hard enough
To teach my heart
Our love was just a laugh.

* No one can be perfect in a relationship. ‘I can fake a smile’ … this is the message I tried to convey above; the same message to be found in ‘Human’ Christina Perri.


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