Summer Ball


For me and my friends the day started at 10. We have decided to start getting ready quite early because we were supposed to get to the Summer Ball by 8. Obviously, things didn’t go according to the plan:

  • Getting out of bed and coffee took 3 hours instead of 1.
  • Had a massive argument with my flatmates over the kitchen mess and cleaning up; must say we washed up only half of the dishes.
  • Got elbowed in the mouth by one of my flatmate and my lower lip got split and swallowed … it was an honest mistake because we were play fighting, but still funny and such a coincidence since we were arguing a few minutes earlier.
  • Still have to clean the blood from the bathroom floor.
  • My friend somehow managed to dye only half of my hair … nice.
  • I had to shower with cold water because we used all the hot water on washing up the dishes.
  • Getting ready took us more than we expected; we had a few drinks in less than 10 minutes and got to the festival around 9:30 pm. I want to thank the guys in the flat for not pressurising us to hurry up with our girly things.

On a brighter note, the night was one to remember. It was legend -wait for it- daryyyy:

  • Everyone was formally dressed, looked posh and fabulous.
  • Bumping cars made me realise I forgot how to drive.
  • Fairy wheel was something new this year; my friend was riding it the whole night.
  • We had some funny photos taken of us in the Photo Booth; I can’t wait to get my hands on those.
  • We made some new friends at the Shisha Bar and saw my graduation pals.
  • The food was so good that we couldn’t stop from eating sausages and chips.
  • Silent Disco was amazing although we were all disagreeing on which songs to listen to. It was so nice that I woke up this ‘morning’ with a neck pain from ‘dancing’ on Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Sadly we missed on a few things such as Twister and Karaoke because the night was too short but, we’ve got another chance next year x

All in all, the little bad things that happened during the day didn’t stop us from having the best night of the year.
Such a shame we don’t have good pictures to prove it but, that’s because we had too much fun.


4 thoughts on “Summer Ball

      1. Don’t flatter yourself. You posted it on facebook to attract attention, in addition to your half naked pictures. That’s what got me here 😀


      2. I’ve posted it on Facebook to attract attention, more specifically brand awareness. The way I choose to market my blog is none of your business, I am doing something for myself and for those who are interested. I appreciate your interaction and I am opened to constructive criticism because that’s how any business, be it small or big, can grow nowadays. There are all simple marketing notions and tricks; you can Google them.

        Interesting that I have no idea with whom I am talking to but you seem to know a lot about my person. Please, unless you intend to be open-minded and respectful in all conversations with me, don’t comment on this blog any more.

        Thank you in advance.


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