My childhood


This is a story I could never forget and I would like to share it one day with my grandchildren.

I had an interesting conversation with my sister, the other day, and we came to the conclusion that we had a very happy childhood and that we should consider ourselves lucky. We have never done anything even remotely related to dolls or ‘tea parties’. We were behaving like boys and even wearing boys’ cloths. Every day we would do at least one of these activities: trees climbing, playing catching up on lodge pine woods, playing football with the boys in the neighbourhood and, sometimes, judo fighting each other (and it wasn’t pretty when our parents were seeing us afterwards).

It was a hot summer day, when our neighbours decided to leave their freshly harvest corn to dry on one of our nut trees. Our parents left us some clear instructions to follow that day. To keep it short, we were not allowed to play in our tree garden. But that’s all we needed to rebel. You all know the saying: “the forbidden fruit is the sweetest”.

By the time my parents left, we were already half-way through our plan. We invited two of our neighbours and we enjoyed our new outdoor activity. All we have done that day was to climb in the nut-tree, jump on the corn and build tunnels through the corn. The day went by so quick that we even forgot to eat.

You can imagine what happened next, when our parents finally got home. I have to say that that was the only time when we haven’t negotiated the punishment with our parents. The following week was a nightmare for everyone in the house. Every evening after dinner we would beg our parents to let us go outside to play but, gosh, they were stubborn.

Today, we acknowledge the fact that we have not been at all the good and obedient girls our mom wished we have been. We were just too full of energy and we constantly had to find something new to keep us busy. After a few years, we have finally found more useful hobbies like handball, volleyball and basketball.

What is actually sad is the fact that, nowadays, more and more children grow up without all these small things that actually make your childhood happy. Kids, today, are not experiencing normal childhood activities because the technology and the Internet have taken over.


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