Reckless love and affection

We both know I am too good for you but all I’ve ever wanted was to be the right one for you. This love is not for me anymore. I choose to walk away again, and I swear it’s gonna be the last time I run.

Our only mistake was agreeing on something we should have never agreed on. And I don’t believe we can remain friends because, we haven’t been friends for a long last part of our relationship. We were something else, something that even I can’t explain.

I appreciate your help and I appreciate you as a person. I genuinely thank you for being yourself, even if it was only for a few seconds … And I don’t want to lie to me, to you, and act like I won’t miss this because, babe, I will miss it until I won’t care anymore.

* I can actually portray love in a beautiful manner.

** This song inspired me to write this.


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