Campus life


We are never too old for crazy and fun adventures. And the best ones are those shared with your best mates! By the way, this is an ‘accidental’ photo, it was supposed to be a selfieee.

I have decided to share some funny moments that happened in student halls lately. Some are funnier than other. Enjoy 🙂

* For some strange reasons, when it comes to guys I like I have a conscious, a kind heart and I am really nice. It all works perfectly.

But then I drink a few shots and put on my rested bitch face. The only guys left around me are my insane flatmates, who won’t stop mocking me for getting dumped. Doesn’t that suck?

* That moment when you walk away from an argument and try to slam the door only to find out is a fire door … damn you student hall doors!!

* Io, I am almost this close to have a ‘patience injection’ done. Go and buy a fucking charger, Sy shouts at me.

All I could do was laugh, which made him even angrier. To be honest I was on my way to buy one. I just needed his charger for the last time. How else would have I known I need a charger unless I read it on my shopping list? … which is on my phone??



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