Mother and daughter conversation

Every time I talk with my mom, she’ll be like:

  • “Is there someone new in your life?”
  • Yes, mom. I bought a cat. Her name is Ioana.
  • “But how come are you still single? You are 22?! Why are all the boys running away from you?”
  • Gee, mom, thanks! Is it a sin to enjoy my freedom and single status? Or, being too busy spending time with you and my friends?
  • “You just have a few more years until you won’t be able to have kids. You will get old and ugly. Just saying…”
  • Did you just say that? To your own daughter? WTF?
  • “It is time to grow up and get a decent job. Me and your dad will not feel sorry for you anymore. We are tired of financially supporting you.”
  • But, mom, I haven’t found my purpose in life yet (starting crying).

I only put up with all these because I love my mother. Also, there’s gonna come a time when I will do the same with my daughter.


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