And baby, that’s why …

I was mean to him.

“It’s better you don’t come over”, I said.

“Give me another chance”, he replied.

The truth is you cannot play with me and not get hurt. I am done with playing our little love game. It makes me sick whenever I think about it. I respect and love myself too much to accept all this from you.  I am not going to stay here and watch how you set me on fire. I will go and leave it all behind me. I will take it all away, my love, my passion and my laugh. I will watch you fade away as I give my energy to another man.

And yeah I am going to put myself first just because I need to think about my happiness. You made me want to never let go of the next guy that shows respect and love towards me.

As much as I don’t like to admit it, I am guilty of choosing short term happiness to long term happiness. I will rather not face my demons than let the hell collapse.

And baby, that’s why “I am the only one to get you, the only one to figure you out”.

* I feel that this song goes very well with the message 🙂

** Leave a comment if you think another song goes better with my work.

Arctic Monkeys – Fireside


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